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A stress-free landing

We are fully dedicated in assuring the relocation of your employees to The Netherlands is supported in a multitude of ways. In addition to assisting your employees, we also support your HR department throughout the entire process, reducing your workload and saving you valuable time and internal resources.

Rebranding to Your Talent Agency

Starting from march 2021 Your Expat Agency will merge with our recruitment agency “Bureau Zwart Wit” into our new brand Your Talent Agency. This will be the start of a new chapter of a broader offer of services to all our clients. The combination of our recruitment and relocation services will provide even more value to you. Be ready for the launch in March!


Your Expat Agency offers companies and individuals a full suite of services including pre-departure orientation, neighbourhood orientation, home-finding services, lease negotiation and utilities hook-ups, as well as school selection, visits and registration assistance. It’s our mission to support your internal organisation and your foreign employee, assuring a stress-free relocation to The Netherlands.


Our team of relocation specialists provide clear lines of communication. You will have one centralised highly experienced point of contact for all your questions and needs. Our experienced relocation consultants are key to the quality of our services. They have excellent local area knowledge to help families with home search, school options, location options, and even cultural awareness. We have a proven track record for personal, professional, high-quality services for both individual moves, family moves and high-capacity clients.

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Get in touch with our relocation specialists. They will give you advice, free of charge, and together we’ll find out how we can support your organisation in the best possible way.