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As avid Dutch cyclists ourselves, we weren’t shocked to find that Cycling Sports Group (CSG) chose the Netherlands as the new base for its European headquarters. The company, a division of Dorel Industries, is athletic and dynamic. So, they offered team members based in Switzerland to come along for THE RIDE. Some were intrigued by the possibility. Others found obstacles in their way.

This is where our agency came in handy:


For every team member who expressed an interest in the move, we ran a Cost of Living Allocation (COLA) to provide clarity on what the move would mean financially.

We reassured a total of five employees from Switzerland that we could show them the ropes and they could envision a nice life in the Netherlands.

While starting over in their next home, we were able to help employees bridge the gaps to a comfortable life here.


Cycling Sports Group was expanding its investments in its European operations. With a new HQ in the Netherlands, the opportunity opened up for team members from Switzerland to join in on the big move. We were there from the start, ensuring that their vision became a comfortable reality.


How? With five employees, whom we supported throughout their entire location process. Having experienced many expat transitions before, we knew that a move like this can feel like a WILD RIDE at first.

We offered support every step of the way: flight booking, airport pickup, registration at the town hall, and their real estate searches. We were the first solid point of contact in their new country.

We helped ten team members altogether to get sorted with their visa, so they could focus on getting oriented and beginning their next chapter.


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