Finding a home

finding a home

Providing info about housing

With our dedicated real estate brokers we assure you the best insight in finding the right place to call home.

Arrange physical move of goods

If needed we can align with one of the dedicated moving companies and arrange the move of your furniture and large items.


If necessary we will arrange (temporary) storage for your goods that aren’t needed the first months.

Handy Man & Maid

Do you need additional support in & around your home, we will arrange trustful and liable support for you and your family.

Organize all utilities needed

When buying a property, and in certain cases with rentals, utilities as electricity, water and gas need to be arranged. We arrange the complete process.

Furniture rental/ buying

With our partner in interior stylist we can facilitate the complete decoration of the new home.

Arrange telephone, internet & TV

We make sure everything works properly on arrival.

Unsubscribe utilities

We ensure that all services are cancelled timely.

Final house cleaning for transfer

When transferring the house to the (new) owner, it’s should be cleaned and proper. We will arrange this with a professional cleaning service company.

Support selling property

Our real estate partners will advice and support you when selling your property.

Get in touch

Get in touch with our relocation specialists. They will give you advice, free of charge, and together we’ll find out how we can support your organisation in the best possible way.